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Dear Investor,


Time has come to say goodbye to your broker who is always running after you to get a share from you for every time you trade. Regardless whatever may be your volume and number of trades in a day, you are charged by your broker for each and every trade you make. This hurdles your path in making profit and your trade might end up at a loss where you were actually making profit. This is so, because you have shell out your profit to the broker as your BROKERAGE!!


Broker Brokerage Rate Intraday Cash & Futures Brokerage Rate Option Per Lot Brokerage for Buy and Sell of 5 lot of Future Brokerage for Buy and Sell of 5 lot of Option Annual Brokerage you pay futures Annual Brokerage you pay Option Annual Brokerage you pay Excess Brokerage Paid
Achiievers Equities Ltd Unlimited Trade 750 7500 7,500 0
Broker 1 0.02% 10 600 100 144,000 24,000 168,000 160,500
Broker 2 0.03% 20 900 200 216,000 48,000 264,000 256,500
Broker 3 0.04% 30 1200 300 288,000 72,000 360,000 352,500
Broker 4 0.05% 40 1500 400 360,000 96,000 456,000 448,500

  • Rates of competitors were obtained as on 30th Sep, 2013 and company does not endorse or give guaranteed for the accuracy of brokerage rate.
  • Annual brokerage assumes buy and sell once a day for 240 days (Trading Day 20x12=240) in a year at Nifty of 6000.
  • Above offer is applicable for all type of trading account, online and offline.
  • Call and Trade option available (chargeable).
  • Digital Contract notes and all other statements would be sent via Email.
  • Physical copies of Contract notes shall be charged Rs 15/- per page plus courier charges extra.
  • Exchange Charges, Transaction Charges and Statutory Levies will be charged as applicable.
  • Please read the Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions.
  • Terms and Conditions can be subject to change.
  • All statutory/regulatory levies like Securities Transaction Tax, SEBI Turnover Fees, Exchange Transaction Charges, Stamp Duty and Service tax shall be charged separately over and above the brokerage.

Consider an example where you are trading in a low volatile stock where you are unable to exit from your position due to the cost of brokerage. If your buying price for that particular stock is Rs. 2.50 and your minimum brokerage is 3 paisa per share (say) then you have to maintain your selling price above Rs.2.60, at least, to cover all your costs. For a low volatile stock that is a very good movement which you might not get easily.

  • Buying Price of the share – Rs. 2.50
  • Brokerage for buying – Re. 0.03 / Brokerage for selling – Re. 0.03
  • Total Brokerage – Re. 0.06
  • Total Statutory Charges – Re. 0.04 (Estimated)
  • Breakeven Price – Re. 0.10
  • Selling Price (Projected) – Rs. 2.60

Assume that in options trading your broker charges you Rs. 20/- per lot on each side (quite competitive). In that case to complete a buy and a sell order in one Nifty option you have to consider an additional cost of 80 paisa (excluding the statutory charges).

  • Nifty lot size = 50 units
  • Brokerage for each side = Rs. 20/50 = Re. 0.40
  • Total brokerage = Re. 0.80

It means that the breakeven for your trade is raised by 80 paisa, in which case you have to wait for the prices to move up by ATLEAST 80 paisa. If the market favours, you win, otherwise… Anyway, the brokerage is decreasing your possibility and potentiality to earn more. Your profitability is eaten up by your broker.

Let us assume that your broker goes one step ahead. It offers you the same brokerage but this time not on the volume, as stated above, but on the number of trades you make. To make it simpler, you are charged Rs. 15/- for every trade, that is, Rs. 15/- for each buy and Rs. 15/ for each sale. It means that you are paying Rs. 30/- for a complete buy and sell order. We do agree that this time your brokerages are pretty low but it is not completely zero.

Our existing Mega Value Plan for unlimited trade where you have to pay just Rs750/- and enjoy limitless trade in CASH, FUTURES & OPTIONS, COMMODITY and CURRENCY for the entire month!!! There is no hidden cost and no limitations on the volume and number of trades you make at any given point of time for the entire month. So just relax and enjoy your trade and take home the entire profit without paying a single extra paisa to the broker.

Statutory/regulatory levies like Securities/Commodity Transaction Tax, SEBI Turnover Fees, Exchange Transaction charges, Stamp Duty and Service Tax shall be applicable over and above the brokerage.

If we consider the above examples and try to fit in with our proposal then we will find that your brokerage becomes practically zero. If you are trading in, say 50 trades a day in Nifty options, then your subscription of Rs. 750/- ends up almost on the very first day you trade. The entire month you trade, completely FREE!!! FREE !!! & FREE!!!

Please refer to our brokerage offers available for you as follow:
Offers Plan Details Benefit
1 *Rs 15 per Trade Offer Rs 15 per Trade Just Rs.15/- per transaction, whatever the size of Trade
2 Mega Value Plan Rs 750 per month Trade Unlimted for a Month with nominal charge
3 Normal/Default Plan 0.50% Cash , 0.05% Equity Intraday / Futures and Rs 100 per lot in Options. Pay as you Trade

Note: Statutory/regulatory levies like Securities/Commodity Transaction Tax, SEBI Turnover Fees, Exchange Transaction charges, Stamp Duty and Service Tax shall be applicable over and above the brokerage

So come on and join AEL for a hassle free, tensionless and pleasurable trading experience, all throughout your lifetime.

With Warm Regards,

Achiievers Team
* Conditions apply