Govt committed to accomplish renewable power target by 2022: Goyal
07/07/2015 15:01

Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy Minster Piyush Goyal said government is committed to accomplishing the target of 1,75,000 MW renewable energy including 1,00,000 MW solar energy by 2022.

"We are committed to making this 1,00,000 MW happen in solar, including 40,000 MW rooftop and the rest of the programmes to make it a 1,75,000 MW by 2022. It is on mission mode. Today, the world is seeing a potential game changer in the programme that India has set out," Piyush Goyal said as per the PTI report.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is committed to it "not merely by words but by action" as he believes in it passionately, Goyal said addressing senior officials from Centre and States at Vigyan Bhawan here on a workshop on "Grid Connected Solar Rooftops."

The PM believed in "team India" for bigger vision on energy security and has shown commitment to the cause during the visit of US President Barack Obama here, Goyal said.

He said global agencies have shown commitment to offer huge soft loans to India for the mission.

On solar mission, two issues were flagged which included whether "we are going to help China and other foreign countries because domestic manufacturing is inadequate" or to wait for the cost of solar plants to come down. But, given the importance of the programme it has been started on mission mode.

He also urged different ministries to lay a network of solar power panels on all government buildings in Delhi within six months.

"Delhi government supported it. Power Minister of Delhi has confirmed to it personally that he is willing to do it-- 1000 MW in Delhi. Nothing can stop the success of this mission," he said.

He also urged the States to shed all all inhibitions regarding higher cost of projects and take the initiative.

"State governments have to see how they can improve the efficiency of their system rather than crying sour that they will have to pay extra...," Goyal said.

He also pointed that all religious places like Ajmer Sharif and Siddhi Vinayak temple can too have renewable energy.

"Tirupati Balajee is a living example of how a religious place, a place where millions of people come every day, is also able to contribute to clean environment through windmills," he said adding that there were challenges like investments and transmission which were being addressed.

Also, the ministry would encourage replacing of old air conditioners with 5 star label ACs to conserve energy on the pattern of LED bulbs.