Govt sets up contingency plan to tackle deficient monsoon
07/07/2015 16:09

The Indian Government has said that the farmers should not panic as contingency plans are put in place to handle any adverse impact of a possible poor monsoon on kharif crops, certain sections of the media reported.

As per media reports, the Met Department has forecasted rainfall in July and August to be 8 per cent and 10 per cent deficient, respectively. In June, rains were 13 per cent more than normal.

Commenting on the issue, Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh told the media, “So far, monsoon rains were better than expected although there is a forecast of deficit rains this year too. Farmers need not panic. We are ready with contingency plans to tackle any possible impact of poor rains on kharif crops."

"There was a drought-like situation last year, and sowing area was down 2 per cent because of 12 per cent deficit rains. We took effective measures to bring down the damage on crops. We are prepared for this year as well. However, I feel that situation will not be that bad," he added.