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Growth has no limit, keep revising your vision. Only when you can dream it, you can do it.

  • The quality of being honest


  • The state or fact of having a duty to deal with something


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  • The ability to understand something


The story about Achiievers Growth

Our Story

We revolutionized the broking industry with our principles of transparency, honesty, and integrity. We are customer centric, innovative, unique and responds to the changing needs of our clients. With an objective of being a full-service brokerage house and to provide comprehensive advisory services to its clients, which enables managing complete financial planning needs.

We have expertise in Mutual Fund, Bonds, IPO, Corporate Fixed deposit, Insurance. The organization is registered with almost all the prominent Exchanges in India like NSE, BSE, MCX, ACE, USD.

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    Online KYC, Clients can open an account in 15 minutes

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    Launched Online Mutual Fund

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    Reached 20000 clients

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    First time hit 2000 crore retail turnover in a day

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    Reached 15000 clients

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    First time clocked 1000 crore retail turnover in a day

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    Reached 10000 clients

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    Launched Online IPO

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    We diversified into Lending Business through our NBFC arm namely Achiievers Quick Gold Loan (Achiievers Finance India (P) Ltd), especially into Gold Loan and open first Gold Loan Branch on July 2013. Achiievers foray into the Gold loan business to bring social impact by Reducing poverty,Reducing vulnerability among the poor,extend appropriate financial services to underserved areas or to persons previously excluded from the banking sector,Support micro and small enterprises,Contribute to gender equity,Help bring marginal groups into mainstream society. Provided equal opportunity for financial inclusion of underprivileged and underserved people of India and converts non-productive asset into economy driver, reduce poverty and extend appropriate financial services to underserved areas or to persons previously excluded from the banking sector and to eradicate unorganized lending sector.

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    First time hit 500 crore retail turnover in a day

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    Reached 5000 clients

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    Started our Depository Operations by becoming Member of CDSL

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    Revolutionize Brokerage Industry by offering Unlimited Trade for entire month in just Rs.500 only.Achiievers Equities Ltd innovated a plan to say goodbye to traditional brokerage plan and change the rules of the game.

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    We took membership of all the leading exchanges,NSE,BSE,DSE,MCS-SX,ACE

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    “Loknath Enterprise” was established as Public Limited Company,ACHIIEVERS EQUITIES LTD, under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956.

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    We took membership of MCX to provide Commodity Trading to our clients

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    We shifted our Sub-Brokership to ICICI Direct.Com when the broking industry was undergoing major changes of direct billing of customers from broker, centralization of back office at broker level etc.

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    We started our operations in the year 1999 by the name of “Loknath Enterprise” as a Sub-Broker of NSE & BSE,with an objective of being a full service brokerage house and to provide comprehensive advisory services to its clients under one umbrella, which would enable managing complete financial planning needs

Brand Identity

Remove iconDepicts market dynamics with long term wealth creation and indicates Growth
Green: Green indicates persistency, prosperity and focuses on Growth. Combination of Blue & Green signifies quest for attaining goal.

Remove iconGoing by our “Tagline”, we offer our clients, the best economical rate possible, so that clients can create wealth in long term by saving trading cost (brokerage). Today most of the traders lose money because of high brokerage and statutory cost involved, whereas intraday movement in stock is not as much, to recover such cost and make profit.

Remove iconAs per our Tagline, Achiievers is someone who uses his Intelligence, coupled with Integrity and Innovation, to make money differently. The “II” in “Achiievers”, signifies these two qualities strongly, which is the foundation of our company’s philosophy.
Blue: Colour Blue depicts trust, authority and loyalty for its stakeholders

Achiievers Brand Identity

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The Achiievers Team

The driving force and key players behind our success

Board of Directors

Achiievers - Founder, MD and CEO

Suman Chakrvarty

Founder, MD and CEO



Achiievers - Co-Founder & Executive Director

Sumana Roy

Co-Founder & Executive Director



Achiievers - Non-Executive Director

Debasis Bose

Non-Executive Director



Management Team

Achiievers - Associate Vice President

Pankaj Kumar Das

Associate Vice President



Achiievers - Head - Dealing

Krishnendu Sarkar

Head – Dealing



The Achiievers

  • Aloke Chhatui
  • Suparna Duttabiswas
  • Archana Mistri
  • Avijit Sarkar
  • Bibhas Guria
  • Bikash Manna
  • Biplob Kumar Neogi
  • Brotati Saha
  • Debashis Purkait
  • Gobinda Santra
  • Gopal Mondal
  • Jayanta Dhar
  • Jhantu Ghosh
  • Kalipada Bagdi
  • Kanu Priya Bagdi
  • Kaushik Prasad
  • Liton Sarkar
  • Malay Mondal
  • Niloy Biswas
  • Nitai Bagdi
  • Palash Mondal
  • Prasenjit Joyaddar
  • Prashanta Halder
  • Raja Sardar
  • Rajat Pal
  • Runa Banik
  • Saikat Sarkar
  • Samit Kumar Bag
  • Sanjib Sengupta
  • Satabdi Roy Chowdhury
  • Soumalya Ghosh
  • Soumi Ghosh
  • Sreekanth T K
  • Subhasish Purkait
  • Subrata Kangsabanik
  • Sukanta Pramanik
  • Suman Dey
  • Surajit Dutta
  • Tanumoy Chakraborty
  • Tapas Mondal